Vehicle Technical Consultants


Vehicle Technical Consultants Inc. is all about improvement and results. We specialize in all aspects of Vehicle Maintenance Management, Vehicle Engineering and Quality Assurance and Oversite.

Our Clients

The City of Santa Monica

VTC is under a general services contract to provide quality assurance and engineering support for all or their bus procurements this to date has included four orders of buses including the first Hybrid Electric buses built by El Dorado.


Facebook and VTC have worked together for several years. We have had the pleasure to help Facebook by providing several inspections on their company fleet to ensure their fleet is safe and secure for their employees.

City of Galveston Texas

VTC has helped the City after Hurricane Ike caused flooding in Texas. We helped rehabilitate buses that were under water as well as worked to provide technical support and including quality assurance for the rehabilitation of some historic hybrid electric locomotive Trolley Cars.

Our Success


Since we started our company in 2001 we’ve inspected over 10,000 buses.


Here at VTC we have 100% customer satisfaction and always have happy clients.


VTC has worked to inspect several commercial and private fleets for over twenty years.

Have more questions?

If you have more questions for VTC and how we can help you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Follow the link below and we will have on of our representatives contact you and we can discuss the best way to service you.