Can we travel to locations outside of California or the US?

Yes, we have traveled as far as Cairo Egypt to Train Maintenance Staff

Can we modify our approach and list of services to a specific client need?

The answer is yes. The truth is that most projects and clients are unique and have individual expectations and needs. We adjust most of our projects to best meet the needs of our clients.

Can we provide estimated repair pricing for vehicle defect lists that are either developed by VTC through a physical inspection or through a list developed by the agency or contractor?

Yes our pricing is based on the Motor Truck & Van Labor Time Guide.

Can we help to organize staffing schedules to improve productivity, performance while reducing cost?

Yes, all of our staffing evaluations focus primarily on productivity as it relates to operational characteristics including; route schedules on site vehicle availability and level of staffing expertise. Our goal is to properly match the staff and work schedules to the operational demand while at the same time improving productivity and performance.

Can we perform consulting reviews on anything having to do with vehicle or facility maintenance and vehicle engineering.

The truth is that VTC has the operational experience to perform any evaluation and help clients with a wide array of support related to vehicle maintenance including inventory control and purchasing practices.

Can we provide staffing analysis through a simple data collection?

Through a simple question and answer session along with operational characteristics data, we can develop a detailed staffing schedule that will in most cases improve productivity, significantly improve coverage in areas such as inventory control management as well as improve safety by insuring that employees are never left working alone.