Our Clients

Our Clients

The City of Santa Monica

VTC is under a general services contract to provide quality assurance and engineering support for all or their bus procurements this to date has included four orders of buses including the first Hybrid Electric buses built by El Dorado.


Facebook and VTC have worked together for several years. We have had the pleasure to help Facebook by providing several inspections on their company fleet to ensure their fleet is safe and secure for their employees.

Los Angeles Department of Transportation

VTC is currently under a general services contract to provide daily on-site vehicle audits of the LADOT’s fleet of 414 vehicles. The purpose of these audits is to identify shortcomings in the day-to-day operations of three Contractors. Part of our responsibilities are to review maintenance historical files and develop weekly reports and overall trend analysis to help the DOT establish and respond to on going issues and shortcomings.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority

VTC is under contract to perform in plant quality assurance inspections for over 1000 45 foot composite buses built at the North American Industries plants in Kaposvar Hungary and Anniston Alabama. To date we have signed off 260 units.

Long Beach Transit

We conducted an on-site audit of 20 Para-transit vehicles and all related maintenance files. This audit was conducted on a sub-contractor property. This was a “turn-over” audit necessitated due to the changing of contractors by Long Beach Transit. We provided on-line resident inspector for 18-40ft LF New Flyer coaches. We also provided Buy America Pre-Award Audit and certification for 30-30ft OPUS LF coaches produced at Chance, Inc. Wichita, KS.

Metropolitan Transit System

VTC performed in plant quality assurance inspections for 20 60 foot Articulated units built at the two plants one located in Budapest Hungary and Anniston Alabama. We also built 30 units at the New Flyer plants in Winnipeg Canada and St. Cloud Minnesota.

Riverside Transit Agency

VTC performed an On-line Quality Assurance Inspection and Buy America for six 1998 World Trans coaches manufactured by World Trans in Hutchinson, Kansas. We provided on-line inspection of 47-El Dorado Coaches in Salina, KS with final inspection acceptance in Creative Bus Sales in Huntington Beach, Calif. Provided on-line inspection of 47-40 Ft. LF CNG NABI coaches at the Budapest, Hungary and Anniston, Alabama Plants. Supplied consulting services for new Goshen coaches which included turnover Audits.

San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority

VTC is currently under a general Services contract to provide quality assurance and engineering support for all of their rehabilitation projects and new bus procurements. We are currently serving as the on site quality assurance inspectors for 100 bus both articulated and forty footers.

Sun Line Cochlea Valley Palm Desert

VTC performed an in-depth study of the staffing and productivity of the workers with the focus on two issues one to cover parts and inventory control required by tan FTA Triennial audit and to improve coverage while lowering cost. This was a great success.

Denver RTD

VTC performed a turn over vehicle audit for 300 units in five days. This was a quick turnover due to the selling of the contract to another contractor. We were able to inspect all of the units and provide the reports electronically with in one day.

Regional Phoenix Transit Authority-RPTA

VTC provided on-line quality assurance inspection for 195 low-floor LNG Transit coaches. North American Bus Industries manufactured these coaches. They were built in two plants; one in Budapest, Hungary and the other in Anniston, Alabama. These buses were the first of their model in regular production both in terms of LNG and low floor for North America Bus Industries.

City of Galveston Texas

VTC has helped the City after Hurricane Ike caused flooding in Texas. We helped rehabilitate buses that were under water as well as worked to provide technical support and including quality assurance for the rehabilitation of some historic hybrid electric locomotive Trolley Cars.