” Our client retained Brent Sumrall of VTC as an expert witness in a breach of commercial contract lawsuit relating to the procurement of five transit buses. Brent was deposed by opposing counsel, and his also testified in the jury trial. Brent’s professionalism and extensive knowledge and experience helped secure a favorable, unanimous verdict for our client, and the California Court of Appeal cited his testimony in affirming the verdict. The Court’s opinion can be found here: http://www.courts.ca.gov/opinions/nonpub/B244867.PDF I would certainly retain Brent again as an expert witness for any transit bus related lawsuits.”

Franjo Dolenac Attorney at Hunton & Williams LLP

“We saved $200,000 in operating cost last year alone after implementing the staffing and organizational recommendations that were provided by Vehicle Technical Consultants. There innovative approach to evaluating non-productivity in regards to staffing schedules was a life saver especially in these tuff economic times”

– Sun Line Transit Michael Oglesby Director of Transit

Our bus purchases are always complex, with funding coming from various local and Federal sources who expect results. SANDAG, a public development corporation, wanted a bus line to connect the disparate sections of San Diego County to the local air port, but they also wanted an alternative green power plant for this bus fleet. The innovative gasoline hybrid power plant for these vehicles is manufactured by ISC, and contains technology never before serviced by MTS. Doing away with batteries this bus fleet uses “Ultra-Capacitors” to store energy created by the V-10 electric generator on board. With the services of VTC’s staff, we were able to bring these buses on-line, on time for this very special contract.”

– Julio Ortiz Director of Maintenance